Our Story

To Our Bohemian Friends,  

We've had a lot of questions lately and we want to clear any confusion!
Bohemian Wraps was created in October 2017 and had many emotional road bumps along the journey. The Bohemian Wraps team had made mistakes in the past and are here to make things right with a goal of righting any and all past errors. Please contact us if you are affected. 

Positive Vibez is a sister company that we teamed up with in the past to share products and ideas. We both carried a similar mission of spreading Positive Vibes to all of our customers but in our own way.

We inspired them with our Bohemian Silk Jewelry and they inspired us with their beautiful Mantra Jewelry and phrases like "Just Breathe".

Unfortunately, we experienced similar struggles as them and we decided, in order to refocus on our mission, its time to close down and have a fresh start.

Positive Vibez best-selling styles will be available to purchase from us until we close.

With Peace and Love,
-The Bohemian Tribe